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The Avalon Park Lease, Inc. team are considered well qualified property managers (one of the only property management companies that has a Broker with a bachelors degree in Real Estate and not just a license). When you hire Avalon Park Lease, Inc. you are hiring two of the original Avalon Park Real Estate Brokers who have been serving the area for 17+ years and who have collaborated to create a powerhouse team. Joe Stout and Angela Gerard are experienced and knowledgeable each in their areas of expertise and have collaborated as a team to provide clients with the most comprehensive and streamlined of services. Times have evolved and we have modernized the entire leasing process putting landlords and tenants at ease.  

We are proficient in the COVID19 Memorandum including: CDC eviction moratorium, Cares Act and non-Cares Act properties, tenant declarations and mortgage forbearance. Now, more than ever, is the time to have well educated property management representation in order to protect one of the largest investments you have.

Owners Options: We offer two programs:

 (1) Full Service Property Management: ½ of one month’s rent, 10% of the collected monthly rent beginning on the 1st month, $45 attorney prepared lease.

(2) Limited Service/Tenant placement: 1 month’s rent, $45 attorney prepared lease.

The marketing and screening process is the same for most programs (detailed below) however under the Limited Service program once the tenant moves in they begin paying rent directly to the homeowner. Avalon Park Lease, Inc. sets the owner up to manage the property on his/her own. The lease is still prepared by our real estate attorney on behalf of the owner and move in pictures are taken and also provided. The owner retains the security deposit according to state regulations.  

Marketing: Avalon Park Lease, Inc. has invested in cutting edge technologies that have allowed us to provide unparalleled client services. This includes the use of QR Codes which are placed at each property. Prospects can simply scan the bar code which downloads all the listing information onto the prospects cell phone. Properties are listed on our websites along with the multiple listings service (mls). This provides maximum exposure for your property and allows other realtors to bring their clients to view your home. We also have reciprocities with agents along with their compensations set in place as additional incentive for them to convey prospective tenants to us. Signs and electronic lockboxes are placed on the property with the owner permission. In addition, Avalon Park Lease conducts open houses on vacant properties (social distancing required) and provides masks and hand sanitizers for each party entering the property. Our properties are all located within a short distance of our office. We consider this extremely important as conducting showings, inspections, move ins, move outs and driveby’s are easily facilitated.

Screening: All adults are required to complete an application and upon approval become signors on the lease. Our screening process consists of a minimum of two years rental/mortgage history, a minimum of three years employment history, gross income greater than three times the rental rate, full credit report including score, criminal background check, eviction check and FDLE search. We assist in avoiding law suits when renting by abiding by all local, state and federal regulations including Fair Housing.

Inspections take place before the tenant moves in, during the lease term and upon move out. Routine inspections aid in finding repairs prior to them becoming costly endeavors.

We have access to a wide array of vendors. We use licensed, bonded and insured vendors and will make recommendations regarding which repairs may be necessary and which ones can be deferred. Many times we are able to easily troubleshoot the tenant in order to remedy the maintenance issue. We never charge a maintenance coordination fee (a fee added to the vendor’s invoice).

We do not charge a vacancy fee, a listing fee or any upfront fees. Over the years, we have seen other property management companies nickel and dime investors with fees such as fees on maintenance calls, fees on vendor invoices, fees for inspections etc. and this is on top of their monthly management fee. We consider all these fees to be unethical so you will never see our firm charging for anything of the sort. Our firm wants to empower investors to take back control of their bottom line and avoid all of those junk fees.

Collection of the monthly rental payments from the resident. Payment options include: Credit card, debit card, cashiers check, money order or personal check. Payments are accepted electronically thru their tenant portal or they can be dropped off at our centrally located office.

The monthly direct deposit into your landlord rental account is available at no charge along with access to your landlord portal.

Our services are tax deductible so you will receive monthly statements along with year-end statements.

Tenant Relations: Tenants are a vital part of our business. Our goal is to provide our tenants with unprecedented customer service.  It’s inevitable at some point a conflict may arise with the resident. As experienced property managers we have proven methods in conflict resolutions. Under the full service property management option we handle all of these concerns and try to avoid getting the owner involved.

Legal Services:

Avalon Park Lease, Inc. has retained the Law Offices of Heist, Weisse & Wolk P.A. as counsel for our legal needs including our leases which is important in the event noncompliance, nonpayment of rent notices or evictions are needed.


Along with academic and industry experience, the broker is a real estate investor owning short term vacation rentals, long term residential rentals, commercial property and fix and flips. The broker can offer real estate investment guidance and has assisted many international buyers with the purchase of properties sight unseen. Who better to hire then someone who is an investor and landlord themselves and understands how important return on investment is.

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